Conference Program


Saturday March 15


Tutorials/Overview: 8:30-11:30, TCC Maricopa-Mohave Room

“Getting the Most out of the Conference”

Paavo Pylkkanen Why quantum physics may be required to explain consciousness

Scott Hagan Quantum theory: What, where and why?

Stuart Hameroff Quantum biology: At what levels are quantum effects relevant?


Plenary 1, 1:00-2:30, TCC Maricopa-Mohave Room

PL 1     “Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and the Brain/Mind Problem 1”

Henry Stapp How mind influences brain

Guenter Mahler Closed quantum worlds and their partitions


Plenary 2, 2:45-4:15, TCC Maricopa-Mohave Room

PL 2     “Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and the Brain/Mind Problem 2”

Fred Kuttner The only objective evidence for consciousness: The quantum experiment

Hartmann Römer Weak quantum theory: Complementarity and entanglement in physics and beyond


Concurrent Sessions 1 and 2, 4:30-7:00

TCC Maricopa-Mojave and Greenlee Rooms

C 1       “Quantum biology” TCC Maricopa-Mohave Room 4:30-7:00

Huping Hu Spin-mediated consciousness theory: Possible roles of oxygen unpaired electronic spins and neural membrane nuclear spin ensemble in memory and consciousness.

Andrea Fantasia Looking for quantum processes in networks of human neurons on printed circuit board.

Beverly Rubik The “Biofield hypothesis”.

Jean Faber Abreu Information processing in brain microtubules.

Danko Georgiev On the dynamic timescale of mind-brain interaction

Christopher Davia Simplicity theory: Is the brain a catalyst and can enzyme catalysis shed light on consciousness?


C 2       “Time” TCC Greenlee Room 4:30-7:00

Stanley Klein Temporal anomalies involving causality and free will.

John Leach Dynamic spatial information and the subjective relativity of time perception.

Michel Planat Time perception, cyclic groups and quantum computation.

John Sanfey Time and observation.

Ralph Hunt Humean induction and tensed-time futurity.

Erik Douglas Is rhealogical time real or illusory? — The hard problem of time.


Reception: 7:00 - 10:00, Radisson Starlight Patio


Sunday March 16


Plenary 3, 8:30 – 10:40, TCC Leo Rich Theater

PL 3     “Quantum Coherence in Brain Function”

E. Roy John A field theory of consciousness

Gustav Bernroider Dimensional analysis of neurophysical processes related to mentation

Karl Pribram Brain mathematics


Plenary 4, 11:10 – 12:40, Leo Rich Theater

PL 4     “Transpersonal Implications of the Quantum Mind”

Alexander Wendt Quantum mind and social science

Harald Walach Generalized entanglement - Possible examples, empirical evidence, experimental tests


Plenary 5, 2:00 – 4:10, Leo Rich Theater

PL 5     “Cell Biology 1 - Is the Brain Really “Warm, Wet and Noisy”?

Jeffrey Satinover Varieties of computational experience: Molecular biology and quantum information processing

Andreas Mershin Experimental "quantum brain"?

Scott Hagan Quantum models of consciousness in brain microtubules: Decoherence and the issue of biological feasibility


Concurrent Sessions 3 and 4, 4.30-7.00

TCC Apache and Coconino Rooms

C 3       “Experimental approaches to nonlocality” TCC Apache Room 4:30-7:30

Fred Thaheld Biological Nonlocality: Problems and potential.

Todd Richards Preliminary evidence of correlated functional MRI signals between physically and sensory isolated human subjects: Two case studies.

Serguei Korotaev Experimental evidence of macroscopic nonlocality of the dissipative processes.

Katherine Creath Effects of intention, musical sound and noise on the germination of seeds: Evidence of entanglement between human and plant systems.

Mark Germine Further validation of the “one mind model” of quantum reality.

Lewis Mehl-Madrona Effects of participation in a prayer ceremony upon QEEG.

Aroutioun Agadjanian Information transmission between killed and survivor individuals of the same population on several species.


C 4       “Platonic realism” TCC Coconino Room 4:30-7:00

William Lawless A quantum model of organizations: Formation, information processing and decision-making.

Michael Betancourt Paranoiac-criticism, Salvador Dalí, Arcimboldo and superposition in interpreting double images.

Jonas Mureika Toward a theory of quantum aesthetics.

Peter Ells Naturalistic, libertarian free will.

H. Froning, Jr. Quantum representation of idealism's view of consciousness.

Nancy Morrison The biology of morality.


Test Screening 8:00 –10:00, Leo Rich Theater "What The #$*! DO WE KNOW?"

A work in progress from Lord of the Wind Films/Captured Light Studio

“What the #$*! DO WE KNOW?” is part documentary, part story and part elaborate visual effects and animation. The protagonist, played by Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin, has a series of surreal experiences and questions her reality. A “Greek Chorus” of fourteen scientists and mystics explain her experiences in terms of quantum physics. The scientists include William Tiller, Amit Goswami, John Hagelin, Fred Alan Wolf, David Albert, Andrew Newberg, Daniel Monti, Joseph Dispenza, Jeffrey Satinover, and Stuart Hameroff. The film is slated to open in theaters later this year.Viewers at the conference will be asked for feedback in a post-film discussion period. For information about the film see (This screening is open to the public)


Monday March 17


Plenary 6, 8:30 – 10:40, Leo Rich Theater

PL 6     “Quantum Information Science”

Paul Benioff Towards a coherent theory of physics and mathematics together

Mitchell Porter Topological quantum error correction: Applications to microtubules

Ken Augustyn Quantum sensors


Plenary 7, 11:10 – 12:40, Leo Rich Theater

PL 7     “The Near Death Experience”

Pim van Lommel About the continuity of consciousness: Near-death experience during cardiac arrest

Willoughby Britton Near-death experiences and the temporal lobe


Plenary 8, 2:00 – 4:10, Leo Rich Theater

PL 8     “Experimental Tests of Nonlocality in Brain Function”

Dick Bierman Does consciousness collapse the wave function?

Jiri Wackermann Correlations between electrical signatures of separated brain states: few facts, some ideas, and lots of doubts.

Leanna Standish EEG evidence of correlated event related signals between distant human brains.


Concurrent Sessions 5 and 6, 4:30 –7:00

TCC Apache and Coconino Rooms

C 5       “Philosophy and Ontology” TCC Apache Room 4:30-6:35

Kathryn Laskey An integrated physical and informational ontology for conscious agents.

Edwina Taborsky Complex semiotic dynamics.

Elizabeth Hill A phenomenological approach to the measurement problem. Where do these ideas take us?

Patrick Heelan Phenomenology of scientific observation and paradoxes of measurement.

Uziel Awret The embedded molecule, self organization and quantum mechanics.


C 6       “Nonlocality” TCC Coconino Room 4:30-7:00

Shan Gao A quantum method to test the existence of consciousness.

Don Page Mindless sensationalism.

Ken Mogi On the nonlocal nature of the physical basis of consciousness.

Logan Trujillo Do entangled systems share information non-locally? A key question for understanding the non-extended nature of qualia.

James van Pelt The use of probability fields in the defense of mind-body dualism against the critique of causal overdetermination.

James Beichler From Quantum to complete consciousness.


Poster Session 7.00 – 10.00, Leo Rich Theater Backstage

First authors listed: for co-authors and affiliations see abstract. Posters may be posted from lunch Sunday, March 16 till mid-morning break Wednesday, March 19


PO 1    “Experimental approaches - Non-locality”

Gabriel Aramburo Electromagnetic detection of non-local mind-energy

Iris Bell Trait absorption and treatment choices in fibromyalgia patients under double-blind conditions

Edmond Chouinard Experimental program on mind-matter interrelationships

James Hurtak Distant intentionality on biological systems and healing at a distance (DH).

Leila Kozak EEG evidence of neural signal transfer between distant subjects who have undergone primordial sound meditation (PSM) training.

Lewis Mehl-Madrona Effects of amethyst crystals upon QEEG.

Lewis Mehl-Madrona Systems science, psychiatry, and non-locality.

Gary Schwartz Bioenergy detection and biofield entanglement: The role of awareness training and individual differences in absorption

Richard Shoup Anomalies and constraints - Psi within known physics?

Manish Vekaria Preliminary results on the effect of intentionality on ultra-weak photon (biophoton) emission from the human hand


PO 2    “Experimental approaches – Decoherence”

Pierre St. Hilaire Investigation of dephasing times in the human rhodopsin complex by photon echo experiments


PO 3    “General models/Ontology/Foundations”

Wolfgang Baer Reality models in the human psyche

Donald Bedford Spontaneous state reduction revisited

Donivan Bessinger Pulsed-nonlocality: Towards a unification of approaches to consciousness.

Gerard Blommestijn Quantum mechanics allows energy-less information and cause-transfer between mind and matter.

Steven Ericsson Zenith Toward a proof that awareness is not reducible and the limits of discovery in quantum consciousness

Jeremy Horne The most fundamental law of the ontology of consciousness

Zbigniew Jacyna-Onyszkiewicz Consciousness and origin of the principles of quantum theory

Kenneth Miller Vibrational relativity theory

Nathan Munn Turning philosophies into hypothesis: Scrutinizing materialism vs. primacy of consciousness using diverse consciousness studies data sets and quantum mechanics

Anatoly Nichvoloda System completion theory of consciousness environment.

Stefan Schmidt Is there space for non-locality in a causal world?

Amanda Seipel Probability and a five-dimensional model of experience

Inna Semetsky The triadic mind

Mikhail Shatnev Consciousness and complementarity

Michael Steiner Consciousness and the measurement problem of quantum mechanics

Jerry Wheatley How delineating cosmological structure leads to an understanding of consciousness

L. Frederick Zaman III The localized quantum mind of classical particles and systems

Xin-Yan Zhang Essence of the consciousness


PO 4    “Time”

Richard Atkinson Time perception in waking and hypnosis: Moderating influences of hypnotizability

Edward Close Putting consciousness into the equations; Physics, consciousness and three-dimensional time

Erik Douglas Is rhealogical time real or illusory? — The hard problem of time.

Danko Georgiev On the dynamic time scale of conscious experience? A novel neuromolecular approach

Karen Gilbert Slowness: An economy of differential rates of being

Scott Hitchcock Deep change and the origins of time

Amarjeeth Pinnamaneni Time is energy where consciousness is regarded as physical benchmark

Stephen Robbins Subject, object and time

Alexander Zaslavsky The system of time and its own worlds

Jeff Tollaksen New discoveries in the foundations of quantum theory and their relationship to quantum mind


PO 5    “Physics/Cosmology”

Christopher Altman Quantum state engineering with the rf-SQUID

Giovanni Fantasia The conscious mind and the Schrödinger's cat

Joel Fontes From gravity to consciousness

Ralph Frost What do you get when you build a tetrahedron out of magnets? (...Or, why unification is too big an attribute to be anything but a primary tenet

Ivan Godfroid Does the theory of psychiagenia (TOP) have experimental applications; No risk of a quantum decoherence in the brain according to the theory of psychiagenia (TOP)

Alexei Melkikh Quantum consciousness and internal structure of elementary particle

Pavel V. Polyan Numbers in space

Avtar Singh Consciousness based solutions to mysteries and paradoxes of quantum mechanics

Richard Yannopoulos-Ruquist A dark matter model of consciousness


PO 6    “Quantum Psychology/Biology/Neuroscience”

Balaraju Battu Quantum theory and perception: Quantum state as “sense-data” and “emotion” as quantum measurement process

Massimo Bondi Quantum electrodynamics (QED) and “unified synaptic channel” (USC) in the identification of consciousness

Gregory Brack Jung/Pauli dialogue: The influence of quantum consciousness on psychology.

Russell Ceballos Synchronous oscillations and phase encoding in the brain

Guido Del Prete The role of hypnagogic state in the quantum brain model: A preliminary study on a mind model based on three values logic

Constantinos Evripidou Visual perception: A treatise to human consciousness

Robert Fujimura Gene expression to memory to consciousness

Catarina Geoghan On the origin and function of biological synchronisation

Sheilla Jones Can anomalous brain function point to evidence of quantum amplification?

Frank McLafferty Path integrals, Bohm theory and a model of the brain: A nonlocal, holistic, and contextual picture

Denis Perevalov Using the quantum mind theory for multidimensional visualization

Barry Ridge Paramecium-based cytoskeletal information processing model

David Saunders Does the brain produce binding by combining a correlated redundant neural network with a speed-of-light neural network?

Hendrik Treugut Virtual reality causing EEG-alterations

S. Zdravković About modulation and demodulation in DNA molecule


PO 7    “Education”

Tom Bender Quantum nonlocality, consciousness, and architecture

Bill Potter The map of the mind

Walter Ratjen Modelling cognition using Schroedinger's cat

Guy Vandegrift A student's map to quantum mechanics

Sacred Traditions

Diaa Ahmed A model for the quantum mind

Stephen Bost Consciousness studying itself

Meera Chakravorty The matter-mind continuum: Exploring the Sankhya paradigm in Indian philosophy

Alfred Collins Consciousness and the self: Reflections on quantum mind and Indian self psychology

John Gonsowski Is the mandala mind a sign of string theory in action?

Syamala Hari Stability as a criterion to detect tachyons. The matter-mind continuum: Exploring the Sankhya paradigm in Indian philosophy

Paul Skinner Spiritual consciousness: Causality and reality


Tuesday March 18


Plenary 9, 8:30 – 10:40, Leo Rich Theater

PL 9     “Cell Biology 2: Is the Brain Really “Warm, Wet and Noisy”?”

Gerald H. Pollack Cells, gels and ordered cytoplasm

Mae-Wan Ho The quantum coherent organism

Hans Schuessler Lasers in the biosciences.


Plenary 10, 11:10 – 12:40, Leo Rich Theater

PL 10   “The Orchestrated Objective Reduction (“Orch OR”) Model of Consciousness”

Roger Penrose Testing the physical basis of the Orch-OR model of consciousness

Stuart Hameroff Testing the biological basis of the Orch-OR model of consciousness


Plenary 11, 2:00 - 4:10, Leo Rich Theater

PL 11   “Space-time and Consciousness 1”

Koichiro Matsuno Nonlocal simultaneity from quantum mechanics or the other way around?

Sisir Roy Space-time representation and information processing in the brain

Menas Kafatos Consciousness and the universe: Generalized principles of unification


Concurrent Sessions 7 and 8, 4:30 –7:00

TCC Apache and Coconino Rooms

C 7       “Experimental approaches” TCC Apache Room, 4:30 – 6:10

Eduard Van Wijk Photon emission studies in consciousness research.

Franco Musumeci Delayed luminescence as a tool to investigate cell organization.

James Lake Toward testable hypotheses of neuro-dynamic and quantum field mechanisms underlying anomalous conscious states.

Charles Victor Davis Quantum mechanistic event associated with electron flux migration through a semiconductor substrate and the conscious perception of reality.


C 8       “Mathematical and physical approaches” TCC Coconino Room, 4:30 - 7:00

Brian Josephson Organised complexity and quantum mind.

Chris King Chaos, quantum-transactions and consciousness: A biophysical model of the intentional mind.

Erhard Bieberich Fractal compression algorithms: Implementation of brain and machine consciousness.

Douglas Matzke The math over mind and matter.

Michael Lipkind The concept of irreducible field applied for consciousness understanding.

Burton Voorhees Virtual stability and the quantum mind.


Conference Dinner: 7:30 – 10:00, Radisson Hotel Starlight Ballroom

Buffet dinner open to all registrants


Wednesday March 19


Plenary 12, 8:30 – 10:40, Leo Rich Theater

PL 12   “The Cell Cytoskeleton”

Jack Tuszynski From tubulin to neurons: An overview of the physical properties of tubulin and their potential for affecting the functioning of neurons

Nancy Woolf Fluorescent labeling of cytoskeletal proteins in PC12 cells grown in culture

Roeland Van Wijk Cellular photon emission and cytoskeletal activity


Plenary 13 11:10 – 12:40, Leo Rich Theater

PL 13   “Consciousness and Reality”

Paavo Pylkkanen Consciousness and our concept of reality


Concluding Panel Discussion